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About OLabs

Technology is changing at an unprecedented rate around us, and this shift is leading to the creation of new challenges and innovations in the public sector. OLabs was born from the idea that efficiency is the new innovation and that technology can be used to challenge the status quo, creating new ways of solving business problems.

We combine the principles of design thinking with lean startup methodology to ensure the solutions we create are user focused and aligned with solving business problems. This user-centric obsession, combined with our fail fast/fail forward Agile approach, enables us to ideate, prototype, and create solutions rapidly. Meanwhile, we validate our solutions with customer feedback. The days of “blank checks” in government IT are over, and we are delivering solutions that help the government be more Agile and efficient in this new normal of budget uncertainty.

Our Approach


We are obsessed with creating user-centric solutions. That’s why we not only help our customers apply the design thinking approach and principles to solving problems, but we also apply them to our own solution development. Each feature we build and use derives from a specific customer problem we have solved.


Agile is in our DNA, and we have been practicing it much before it became a buzz word. Everything we do – corporate strategy to solution development – follows the principles of Agile. Failing fast enables us to make sure we are moving forward in the right direction and build solutions that truly address our customer pain points quicker, cheaper and faster.

Lean Prototyping

Our goal is to build solutions that address the pain points of our customers and validate each solution during its incubation. We practice the principles of the Lean startup model to ensure we create a minimum viable product and continually obtain customer approval as we enhance the product. We use non-traditional solution development approaches, such as model-driven development, to provide prototypes of solutions in a matter of hours and days, instead of weeks and months.

Focus Areas

Agile Software Development

Building modern business applications is a complex endeavor. We are applying our experience and expertise in Agile development and enterprise software development to create solutions that help build modern business applications quickly and cheaply.

Big Data

We believe that meaningful data must include context and insights. Otherwise, it is simply raw data with extremely limited value, regardless of its associated velocity, variety, and volume. We are working on creating solutions that help contextualize big data by connecting the dots among internal and external data sources.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been and continues to be a disruptive enabler for a host of other emerging technologies. We are working on optimizing the process of migration and deployment to cloud, while keeping each solution independent of its provider.